5 mistakes in beauty that make you look old

The wrong cream in a very light makeup cream makes wrinkles more prominent. As you grow older, go for darker tones and use light-reflecting powder creams. These make you look younger and healthier.

Wrong makeup

Too light makeup makes wrinkles more noticeable. As you grow older, go for darker tones and use light-reflecting powder creams. These will make the skin look younger and healthier.

Powder near springs

In the case of face powders, avoid compressed and solid powders. Also, don’t powder around springs and other areas where you have a lot of wrinkles. A little powder on the nose and cheeks is excellent for glowing skin, but on the eyes, it will make the lines stand out.

Eyeliner on the lower lashes

The eyeliner on the lower lashes makes the eyes appear smaller and draws attention to the black circles around them. The same goes for mascara, curl your lashes and carefully draw eyeliner for the upper eyelid. The eyeliner should be thicker towards the outer edges.

Suitable lipstick

You should not use dark lipsticks as the lips become thinner with age. The colour of your lipstick should be a little darker than the natural colour of your lips. Do not use lipsticks that do not have enough moisture.

Old model

If you haven’t changed your hairstyle for many years, now is the time. An older hairstyle will make you look older.

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