Apply the perfume

5 tips on how to Apply the perfume

Finding your signature perfume is only half the battle. Once you’ve made that mysterious perfume, knowing how and where to ¬†Apply the perfume, it makes a big difference in its quality.

It’s not easy to empty a perfume bottle on your neck. We asked the best perfume experts to give us tips on how to apply perfume properly.

Apply the perfume in the right place

You don’t have to spray your perfume on your skin. A great alternative, especially for those with sensitive skin, is to perfume clothes. “A good way to perfume is to use perfume on your coat liner,” says Lynn Harris, co-founder of Miller Harris. When a respectable person takes off his coat in a restaurant, you will feel a beautiful scent of luxurious and stylish perfume.

That’s enough, spray

Suppose you find a perfume that reflects your personality. If your perfume is supposed to have a strong effect, then it is better to prepare yourself to harmonize with it. If you are at a lower level, your scent will surpass you. Whatever you do, you just have to smell it.

Linda Pilkington, Ormonde Jayne, a manufacturer of luxury perfumes, recommends: After showering, Apply the perfume when the skin is still warm and slightly moist. Spray the perfume on the neck and chest areas to draw attention to yourself.


If you’re comfortable wearing perfume on your skin, give it a try. A small amount on your wrist or back of your neck and ears is usually enough. “But if you want more adventure and want to try other parts of your body, your back and knees are good,” says Camille Guttal of the famous Annick Goutal perfume shop in Paris.

Don’t forget

“A man has to perfume where he wants to be kissed,” says Emily Cooper Mann, a perfumer who works behind the scenes for perfume production for various companies such as Lalique, Paco Rabanne and Ferrari. Another way is to Apply the perfume on a shirt or scarf. He adds: “These are things that can be left by a man. Otherwise, he will never be forgotten.”


Hair is another great alternative to skincare. “If men have a lot of hair or especially long hair, they have to perfume their hair,” says Asi Glaser, a perfume designer who works behind the scenes for Agent Provocateur from Alexander McQueen.

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