Female eye with long false eyelashes

How To get thick and longer eyelashes ?

Many women want to have long eyelashes and sometimes use special medications or lotions. But here are some tips to help you grow your eyelashes better.

Not using waterproof mascara:

As you know, the waterproof masks dry on the eyelashes for longer durability. Too much use of these masks can seriously damage your natural eyelashes. If you can, use masks that contain natural oils such as coconut oil.

Brush eyelashes:

Particles such as dirt and dust prevent the healthy growth of the eyelashes and block the pores of the eyelashes. Therefore, the growth of the eyelashes will stop or even cause the eyelashes to fall off.

Brushing the eyelashes eliminates this dust. In addition, brushing can speed up blood circulation so that more nutrients reach the eyelash follicles. This method works by massaging the eyelash and helping to thicken the hair by improving blood circulation.

Useful Oils:

Castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil contain fatty acids that strengthen the hair onion and promote the health of the eyelashes. Just pour a small amount of these oils on your finger. Apply it on your eyelashes before bed. You can combine all three oils individually or each of them separately.

Having a proper diet:

Do not ignore protein in your daily diet. A high protein diet will help your eyelash grow. It also includes foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B2. You can also take natural biotin supplements once a week. This will help your eyelash grow and grow taller. Foods that contain vitamins A and E are also useful. The following foods help improve the health of eyes and eyelashes:

  • Apple
  • Guava
  • more fruits,
  • green vegetables,
  • eggs,
  • meat,
  • fish

Mascara Use:

The best way to make your eyelash look taller and thicker faster is to use mascara but as a temporary way. Also, many women curl their eyelash to look taller before using mascara.

Completely wipe before bed:

Cleansing before bedtime can often be a daunting task. But be aware that this is absolutely essential for the health of your skin and eyelash. Also, keep in mind that removing the mascara completely requires more time and attention. The use of eye cleaners can speed up this process.

Use Correct Eyelash Enhancer Serum:

Many eyelash extensions can have dramatic and rapid results, but most chemicals will weaken your eyelash in the long run. When buying this product, be careful about its ingredients and keep in mind that substances such as parabens, formaldehyde, and sulfates should be avoided.

Before buying any makeup product, especially these makeup creams, research it online or on the market! Read about it and ask the opinion of the

professionals and then decide which product can really give beauty to your eyelashes. Unfortunately, many inexpensive products will have less impact than expensive ones. It may be rational to choose a product at a higher cost than to waste money, though little on the product purchased.



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