Treatment of wrinkles around the eye in traditional and herbal medicine


As people get older, they get wrinkles and wrinkles. These fine and uncomfortable lines are initially small and gradually increasing and deepening. The skin around the eye becomes thinner because of its thinner and more sensitive face than other parts of the face, so you need to think faster about preventing wrinkles in these areas.

Most people feel aging when they see the first wrinkles around their eyes, but you have to know that sometimes these wrinkles can have other causes than just getting older.

Factors such as not using sunscreen, being exposed to sunlight, excessive cold and not taking care of it can be very effective in causing wrinkles in this area. Whatever the reason for creating these lines, it is treatable. Not completely, of course, but they can be reduced by using the opposite methods.

Removes wrinkles in traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is one of the treatments that many people resort to these days. It is also used to relieve wrinkles. Home remedies for herbal remedies may be a better option than clinics for removing wrinkles and wrinkles. It is true that taking herbal remedies and getting results is a bit time consuming but we recommend that you use these methods before going to the clinics. It is very easy to make herbal remedies and anyone can make and use them.

A few examples of traditional medicine methods to prevent and eliminate wrinkles

Use of ice

Rubbing ice around the eye can have a direct effect on wrinkles. However, you should keep in mind that you do not do this directly. And put the ice in a nylon and rub it around your eyes for a while.


Nutrition is the main and most important factor in the vitality and youth of the skin. Try to include different vitamins in your diet. Vitamins E, C, flavonoids and phytophenols are among the effective vitamins in the treatment of wrinkles and oculars.

Having enough sleep can be a reason to avoid wrinkles around the eyes.

Cucumber juice

Cucumber is one of the effective ingredients in the treatment of wrinkles and wrinkles. Just apply cucumber juice in this area to tighten and reduce wrinkles in the area.

pineapple juice

Another substance that is very effective in reducing wrinkles is pineapple juice. To do this, pour some of the pineapple juice on a cotton swab and apply it to the area. Continuity in this work will produce a great result.


Fewer people are unaware of the benefits of Aloe Vera gel. This is a great ingredient for all skin types. To apply it under the eyes, you can mix some of the gel with aloe vera juice and apply it under your eyes. Using aloe vera will not only reduce the wrinkles on your skin, but also make the skin clearer.

Rose water

Rose water is also one of the compounds that its use can have a great impact on the vitality and vitality of the eye area. Apply rose water with a cotton pad around your eyes. This can also be done for the whole skin.

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