How dangerous is it to go to work in Corona situation?

Corona prevalence has become one of the most significant stresses of our day, especially for people who go to work, but how dangerous is it to go to work in this situation? We will examine it below.

How dangerous is it to go to work?

It’s been a few days since most of the jobs started slowly. Although in appearance, we may think that everything is back to normal, it is better not to forget that there is still a risk of the corona.

This risk is higher in some situations and more serious for others. A table published in NEJM magazine can show us at a glance how much danger lies in wait for us and what we need to keep in mind when we are at work (you can see the picture at the bottom of this article).

Category A marked in green.

This group of people is advised to use a mask outside the home, take hand hygiene seriously (frequent washing or use of disinfectant gel) and, if necessary, use other protective clothing such as gloves or shields.

Category B marked in orange.

This group must follow all that has been said for category A. Depending on one’s situation, job risk, and contact with others while working. One may need to think less about working outside the home or make changes in one’s work environment.

Category C marked in red.

This group must follow all that has been said for category A. Due to the high risk. It is more serious not to work in this group.

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