calcium deficiency

If you feel these 4 symptoms in yourself, you are in calcium deficiency

Calcium deficiency: Healthy / Calcium intake is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Eating calcium is vital for the body’s energy, better muscle function and average blood mass. All of us need to insist on calcium at the age of our children to strengthen and keep their bones and teeth healthy, but in fact, we all need to get enough calcium every day to keep our bodies as healthy as possible.

If you’re experiencing these four symptoms, you probably have a calcium deficiency:

1- If you feel too tired

Calcium helps release energy from the food you eat, so if you don’t get enough of this mineral, you’ll probably feel too tired. Calcium deficiency in pregnant women is one of the causes of extreme fatigue.

The bones in the mother’s womb begin to harden, so if the baby doesn’t get enough calcium, he or she will have bone problems in the future. Doctors recommend that breastfeeding mothers consume more calcium, 1250 mg per day, which is almost twice as much as normal and necessary for adults.

2- You try to be fit

You may want to eliminate high-fat dairy products from your diet to keep your body balanced. But it’s good to know that the calcium in milk and cheese is essential for better muscle health and function and an average heart rate. Having more muscle means that the body burns more calories at rest. So if you don’t get enough calcium, it’s a little harder to get fit.

3- If your hand is covered with paper, there is heavy bleeding

As soon as your skin is sore or injured, your blood platelets will clot to prevent bleeding automatically. Calcium is an essential element in blood clotting. It’s funny if we think that by bleeding a simple wound from the sharpness of the paper we will die!

But if you don’t get enough calcium, your body needs more time for blood to clot, and as a result, our body will lose more blood in more serious and severe bleeding.

4- Your bones break easily

With age, bone loss or osteoporosis is a normal process, due to the rapid loss of the amount of calcium stored in the body. Menopausal women are at higher risk for estrogen depletion (a hormone that helps maintain bones). Unfortunately, in middle-aged women, there is a chance that the bones will break even with the slightest fall.

So the wisest thing to do is to eat enough calcium daily and keep yourself safe from possible future dangers.

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