Mental health tips for nurses

Mental health tips for nurses and medical staff during the corona

Medical staff, especially those in hospitals who are caring for people with the COVID-19 virus or suspected of being infected, are at high risk for infection as well as mental health problems. They may also experience fear of contracting the virus and spreading the virus to their families, friends or colleagues.

They are most exposed to stress, including doctors, nurses, and so on. So they may report depression, anxiety, fear, and frustration.

The following suggestions can help reduce the psychological pressure of the Medical staff.

  1. Get support from your teammates.
  2. Create a network of friends.
  3. Collaborate in two-person friendships to support each other and monitor stress, work pressure, and safety.
  4. Get to know each other better. Talk about two-person friendships, backgrounds, interests, hobbies, and family.
  5. Identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Take care of each other and work together if you can.
  7. Listen carefully to each other and share your experiences and feelings.
  8. Acknowledge difficult situations and consider achievements, even small ones.
  9. Help each other meet basic needs.
  10. Observe each other’s work pressure. Encourage each other to rest.
  11.  Provide opportunities to reduce stress (rest, sleep, exercise, and deep breathing).
  12. Respect your feelings and talk about them with your coworkers.
  13. Communicate your basic needs and limitations to your supervisor.

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