Some common mistakes when wearing a mask

the mask should be placed correctly on the face so that it can have the best effectiveness. Each of the following mistakes in wearing a face mask reduces its effectiveness.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when applying a mask:

  1.  Don’t put your mask under your eyes.
  2. Do not put your chin outside the mask.
  3. Do not use loose masks whose edges are away from your face.
  4.  Do not put the mask only on the tip of the nose; the mask should cover the top of the nose.
  5.  Do not put the mask under your chin or neck.
  6. Wear the mask in such a way that it covers the whole face from under the chin to above the middle and under the springs. The side edges of the mask do not make a gap with your face and stick to the skin of your face as much as possible.

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