Red eyes

The main causes of red eyes and the way to treat them

There are many reasons red eyes and the causes and treatment of this problem will be discussed in this article.

Several different factors can cause red eyes or conjunctivitis. Allergies, prolonged exposure to the computer, or even touching the eyes with contaminated hands can cause this to be painful, which is very common. Preventing and developing healthy habits is essential, so here are some simple treatments for this problem.

Many herbal remedies can help treat redness in the eyes. It’s true that you can go to a pharmacy and get any eye drops, but it’s never wrong to know what nature can do for you. Understanding the properties and ways of using many natural remedies can be very helpful whenever you need help; So it’s better to get to know them a little more.

Why do springs turn red?

Before using any eye drops or other solutions, you need to find out what causes eye inflammation. Not knowing the source of the problem can make things worse. Let’s look at some possible reasons:

1. Eye infection

Eye infections have occurred at least once. Pain, burning, reddish-white colour in your eyes can indicate a risk of eye infection, which can lead to conjunctivitis and spread rapidly from one eye to another.

But how do springs become infected?

Infections are caused by external factors, elements in nature that you can be sensitive to, such as pollen or dust from trees or even soil in the air. also, keep in mind that cleanliness plays a key role in this, as contamination of the hands can easily lead to infection in simple eye contact.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that using contact lenses can cause serious eye damage. Be careful how you use them because the health of the springs is very important.

2. Very dry springs

Some springs do not have a well-moistened indoor environment. In fact, they dry quickly and are more sensitive to the environment. As a result, they are more affected by external elements and eventually become severely inflamed. Due to certain conditions, your eyes may not have enough moisture. Your ophthalmologist is the one who can make the right diagnosis.

Prolonged exposure to a computer screen

The light from these devices – including cell phones – is very harmful to the eyes. They irritate the eyes; they may even lose some of the clarity of the image. It is essential to give your eyes a short break when working on a computer.


Did it surprise you? Lack of sleep can cause severe redness of the eyes. They also cause puffiness under the eyes. Sleeping less than a person needs can also reduce the immune system and make you more vulnerable to infections. Your body doesn’t have enough oxygen so that you won’t feel good, and it’s normal to wake up with red eyes. Of course, this has happened to you as well.

Home remedies for red eyes

1. Natural eye rest

If you’ve had insomnia all night, or haven’t slept very well, have taken one of the simple medications to reduce eye inflammation or apply a warm, cold compress to your eyes. First, moisten a small towel with fresh water. Then apply it on your face and eyes. Then do the same with the cloth on the other eye.

Moisten the cloth with warm water and then apply on your eyes. This causes blood to circulate in the springs.

2. Charming Hazelnuts

A straightforward solution to everything you need to do is to prepare a lovely hazelnut oil. Moisten a cotton ball with it and then apply it on the affected eye for a few seconds. This will moisturize your damaged eye with this oil. Witch hazel is the best plant to treat redness of the eyes.

3. Carrots

Carrots are beneficial for redness of the eyes. These properties have always been excellent for caring for springs, so don’t miss the opportunity to try this solution. In the first step, boil a carrot in water. After that, cut two thin slices and put them on your eyes for 10 minutes. Repeat this three times a day and make new carrot slices. This will help reduce congestion and inflammation.

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