benefits of sesame

What are the properties and benefits of sesame?

Sesame is a precious food source and a valuable source of manganese and copper. It is also a useful source of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc, and dietary fibre. so the benefits of sesame are enormous, which we will examine below.

What are the properties and benefits of sesame?

Also, consuming two tablespoons makes it easier for the body, especially the skin, hair and nails, to reach 5 mg of zinc. You may know that zinc deficiency has a detrimental effect on beauty, reduces acne, prevents thinning hair, and prevents hair loss, especially in women—the anti-wrinkle and whitening properties of this vitamin.

You probably know that sesame has a lot of fat, but it is also a multi-layered vegetable. This oil contains essential fatty acids, which are considered to be the main component in the structure of the skin, and if there is no deficiency of these nutrients, the skin will look completely uniform, soft and supple.

And it is interesting to know that the presence of these fats if obtained with a protein source (sesame with significant protein fat) repairs damaged hair and prevents excessive drying of this organ and makes people who are years old comfortable.

Many people suffer from dry hair and are always afraid to comb and dye their dry hair. Today, sesame oil, especially black sesame oil, is used in the preparation of a variety of cosmetic products, especially products that are prescribed to eliminate all kinds of dryness.

This oil is usually used in the combination of various creams, masks, and restorative shampoos to multiply their healing properties. Finally, we introduce you to the mask that is prepared with sesame oil and is recommended for strengthening dry and vulnerable hair.

First of all, you can use this mask depending on your hair 1 to 2 times a week after washing it in the bathroom.

The benefits of sesame and how to prepare sesame mask
The items used in the preparation of this mask include:

  • Sesame oil two tablespoons
  • egg yolk ‌ chicken 1
  • milk two tablespoons jam
  • flour wheat germ flour 2 tbsp

First, mix the ingredients thoroughly and after washing the hair in the bath, but this mask on all the hair, especially the scalp, and massage it carefully with both hands. The more massage, the easier the material will penetrate. Then rinse with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.

If you want to store a large number of raw sesame seeds for more than a year, you should store them in a dry, sealed glass container away from any moisture and exposure to sunlight. Always remember not to overdo any advice or practice, even if it is considered necessary by experts.

The elegant, broad, oval seeds of sesame give a pleasant and pleasant taste to most Asian dishes and are one of the main ingredients of Tahini and the delicious sweetness of the Middle East, Halva. Tahini is a paste made from ground sesame seeds.

Sesame is one of the oldest known condiments dating back to 1600 BC. Sesame oil is hard to spice up. The scientific name of sesame is “Sesamun indicum”.

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